trust is good,
control is even better!

The intensification of fish farms results in higher stocking densities. The new systems that have been developed make this possible.

Where life support systems such as aerators are necessary, problems result from power cuts or other accidental interruptions.

In order to keep safe the fish stock and the investment from the interruption of life support, it makes sense to install a monitoring system. Commonly, simple alarm systems are installed which are triggered by power cuts, and linked to emergency power generators. Unfortu nately, these systems alone cannot guarantee the safety and well being of the fish stock. For example, if an oxygen supply pipe is broken, this will not register with the alarm.

So, despite a functioning supply system, dissolved oxygen can fall to dangerous levels, stressing the fish. This could result in disease problems later. In the worst case, this could lead to a complete loss of fish stock. Complete, and permanent control of the dissolved oxygen levels of ponds, using in-pond oxygen probes, offers much more security.

With this concept in mind, LINN Germany has de veloped a comprehensive monitoring and control system. LINN Aqua-Control work at more than 200 fish farms in Europe!


Aqua-Control One

  • compact oxygen monitoring and control system with one oxygen probe 
  • display show the oxygen value continuously  
  • aearator can connected and switched on/off automatically 
  • plug and play delivery
  • in 230V or 400V version availabe

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Aqua-Control / Aqua-Feed

the life insurance of your fish

Complete monitoring and control systems for fish farms - well proven in more than 200 farms in complete Europe - every system arranged to the applications at the farm! 

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Datasheet Aqua-Control

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Aqua-Control COMPACT

  • compact monitoring an control system for 4 pounds
  • deliverd fully pre-wired with minimal installation work at the farm
  • several stations can be connected to a base station
  • available with alarm system
  • actual status is measured continuously by oxygen probes
  • equipment is switched on/off automatically
  • if request with data annoucement, in additon, in the PC

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Datasheet Aqua-Control Compact

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Aqua ControlKompakt


Aqua-Control Mobile

  • montoring system for transport trucks with live fish
  • shows the oxygen level of each tank in the cab of the truck
  • alarm settings can be set very easy
  • connected to the 24V power supply of the truck 

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Datasheet Aqua-Control Mobile

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Aqua Control Mobil


Oxygen probes

  • different oxygen probes for stationary measures
  • high accuracy and stability
  • indefinite lifetime
  • with built-in tranmitter possible
  • well proven together with our monitoring systems


Additional Information:

Datasheet Oxygen probes

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Handy instruments for oxygen

  • practical instruments - different types
  • galvanic type probes
  • with temperatur compensation


Additional Information:

Datasheet Hand held oxygenmeter Polaris

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  • practical hand measuring instrument for pH
  • with automatic calibration and temperature compensation
  • only 85 g weighs 
  • waterproof

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Datasheet pH-Checker

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pH Handmessgertfreigestellt


The system Handymat is able to set down disturbance announcements of all kind as an SMS to the mobile phone, fax or fixed network.

Therefore this System can be combined easily with our monitoring systems.

Handymat is completely delivered in the robust plastic case. Settings easily possible on mobile phone or PC.

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Datasheet Handymat

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Odos Optical dissolved oxygen sensor

First optical oxygen sensor with Simulation Clark Sensor (SCS interface)

- perfect integration into running systems - the ideal substiture for existing oxygen sensors.

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Datasheet Odos

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ODOS neu