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Söll- Profi- Line

Products to the optimum care of ponds:

* Peridox - reduces parasites in ponds

* Schlixx  - frees ponds form sludge and sediment

* Aqua-Stab - adjust and stabilies the ph level in the pond



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Datasheet Söll-Profi-Line

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Harvesting nets/Dip nets

  • high quality dip nets round or rectangular
  • sturdy stainless steel frame and a protection rod all around
  • different sizes, different mesh sizes
  • tested extensively by fish farmers all over the world!

Additional Information:

Datasheet Harvesting Nets

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Discharge screens

  • robust stainless-steel screens
  • individual sizes
  • mounted onto a stable frame

Additional Information:

Datasheet Fish Farming Screens

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Cleaning pistol

  • different spray guns suitable for water up to 95C
  • suitable for a pressure up to 24 bar
  • absolutely robust case
  • one or two hand operation

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Datasheet Cleaning pistol

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Motor protection device

  • robust protection devises for portable machines
  • thermal magnetic protection function
  • protects the motor from overload and short circuit
  • different types and adjustment ranges
  • mounted at all LINN machines!

Additional Information:

Datasheet Motor protection device

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