Linn-Catalogue 2019-2020

Oxygen-Enrichment 22 LINN Oxyjet Oxyjet is an open oxygen input system which is put directly into the pond or channel. The system is ideal for use in re- circulation complexes where the water must be circulated anyway. Then Oxyjet circulates the water and enriches it with oxygen at the same time. Oxyjet can be used wherever there is a hydraulic pres- sure head of at least 60cm. The outstanding performance of Oxyjet is due to patented special jets. Compared to conventional jets, a very high gas trans- fer is achieved. The jets result in a very high bubble detention time in the mixing chamber, and therefore a very high effec­ tiveness and efficiency. Oxyjet mounted in the pond LINNmixing jet Typ 02-03 conventional systems Type 01 Type 02 Type 03 Type 05 Type 06 no. of mixing jets 1 2 3 1 1 Minimumwater flow l/s (ca.) 15 30 45 2 4 O 2 enrichment max. l/min 10 20 30 1,5 3 Dimensions cm ø 40H166 square 85 x 60 x 175 ø 20H125 Technical According to the flow to be enriched with oxygen, Oxyjet is fitted with a suitable number of jets. Furthermore, Oxyjet is flexible for times of low flow – plugs are supplied to block jets to reduce the flow capacity. If the water flow increases tem- porarily, there is an overflow, that by­ passes the jet system. Oxyjet offers effectiveoxygenenrichment without energy ormaintenance costs. Oxyjet type 05 + 06 inlet overflow O 2 outlet O 2 LINNmixing jet